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Neuroscience Seminars

Fall Quarter 2020

NRSC 287

Tuesdays 4pm
Held Via Zoom Online

October 6

Fall Welcome

NRSC Departmental Faculty and Graduate Students

host: Khaleel Razak

October 13

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neural Connectivity 

Dr. Alex Kolodkin, John Hopkins Medical Center

host: Martin Riccomagno

October 20

Neural Basis of Insect Navigation

Dr. Ysabel Giraldo, Department of Entomology, UC Riverside

host: Khaleel Razak

October 27


Dr. Djurdjica Coss, Department of Biomedical Sciences, UC Riverside

host: Martin Ricomagno

November 3

Imaging Race: An fMRI Investigation of the Effects of Individualistic vs. Collectivistic Values on Responses to Social Exclusion in African American and White American Individuals 

Dr. Rengin Firat, Department of Psychogy, UC Riverside 

host: Khaleel Razak

November 10


Dr. Kalina Michalska, Department of Psychology, UC Riverside

host: Sachiko Yamanaka

November 17

Wiring up Visual Circuits: From the Retina to the Brain

Dr. Xin Duan, Department of Neuroscience, UC San Francisco

host: Sika Zheng

November 24


Dr. Artur Luczak, University of Lethbridge, Canada

host: Hongdian Yang

December 1

A Vascular Path to Neurodegeneration?

Dr. Zhen Zhao, University of Southern California

Host: Sika Zheng

December 8 (11am)

Dissecting the Molecular Connectome in Developing Circuits

Dr. Joris De Wit, Katholieke Universitiet Leuven; Belgium

Host: Garret Anderson

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