Students In Lab




Graduate Students
Dissertation Chair
Degree Conferral
Wen, Teresa Dr. K. Abdulrazak Spring 2018  
Cuvelier, Nicholas Dr. T. Fiacco Spring 2018  
Anindya Ganguly Dr. A. Dahanukar Fall 2017  
Thompson, Zoe Dr. T.Garland Summer 2017  
Valdez, Matthew Dr. M. Curras-Collazo Fall 2016  
Pham, Christine Dr. A. Ray Fall 2016  
Glenn-Hall, Tiffany Dr. M. Bazhenov Summer 2016  
Murphy, Thomas Dr. T. Fiacco Spring 2016  
Charles Abbott III Dr. K.Huffman Summer 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept of Genetics School of Medicine, Stanford University
Kelli Lauderdale Dr. T. Fiacco Summer 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Riverside, Dr. Tiwari-Woodruff's lab
Jonathan Charles Cano  Dr. G. Stanley  Winter 2015  
Clement David  Dr. E. Wilson  Winter 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Zev Wistosky  Dr. A. Dahanukar  Fall 2014  Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Kurt Spurgin  Dr. M. Curras-Collazo  Fall 2014  Lecturer, UC Riverside
Kevin Measor  Dr. K. Abdulrazak  Fall 2014  Lecturer, Gonzaga University, Washington State
Steven Skorheim  Dr. M. Bazhenov  Spring 2014  Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Riverside
Harpreet Sidhu  Dr. I. Ethell  Fall 2013 Postdoctoral Researcher at the Scripps Research Inst., La Jolla, CA
Shao-Chin Hung  Dr. A. Seitz  Fall 2013  
Arash Adami Dr. M. Curras Collazo/A. Obenaus Summer 2013 Regulatory Affairs Consultant at PAREXEL and professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore
Sarah Rotschafer Dr. K. Abdulrazak  Fall 2012  Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Irvine
Hani El Shawa  Dr. K. Huffman  Summer 2012 Chief Scientific Officer at Alpha Genomix Labs, Georgia
Michael Trujillo  Dr. K. Abdulrazak  Summer 2012  Scientist, Alpha MED Scientific Inc. Berkeley, CA
Gi Eun Yang  Dr. D. Binder  Spring 2012  Medical School, Korea
Miyetani Chauke  Dr. W. Saltzman  Winter 2012  
Slawomir Sloniowski  Dr. I. Ethell  Fall 2011 Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dan Welch  Dr. A. Seitz  Fall 2011 Southern Illinois Univ Edwardsville School of Dentistry
Xiaoqiao Xie  Dr. T. Faicco  Summer 2011 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dept of Pharmacology
Prakash Devaraju  Dr. T. Fiacco  Summer 2011 Postdoctoral Researcher, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Dept of Neurobiology, Tennessee
Dyan MacWilliam  Dr. M. Adams  Spring 2011  Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Riverside, Dr. Ray's lab
Jeffrey Paullus  Dr. P. Hickmott  Spring 2011  Physician Assistant, Arizona
Crystal Pontrello  Dr. I. Ethell  Fall 2010  Postdoctoral at UC Riverside, Dr. Ray's lab
Allison Kaufman  Dr. C. Burgess  Spring 2010  Research Scientist at University of Connecticut
Chongze (Eric) Ma  Dr. M. Martins-Green  Fall 2008 Hematology and Oncology, Medical University of South Carolina
Christine Turenius  Dr. G. Stanley  Fall 2008 Faculty at North East ISD, The Alamo Colleges Texas
Xiao Zhang  Dr. M. Adams  Fall 2008  Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Inst., San Diego
Suzanne Welcome  Dr. C. Chiarello  Fall 2008  University of Western Ontario, Canada
Ramsey Samara  Dr. S. Currie  Summer 2007  Medical writer at Boston Scientific
Yang Shi  Dr. I. Ethell  Fall 2007  Hematopathology Fellow at Cleveland Clinic
Yingchun Ni  Dr. V. Parpura  Fall 2006  Postdoctoral Researcher, Univ of Oklahoma
Todd Ponzio  Dr. G. Hatton  Spring 2004 Director, Office of Partnerships & Business Development at Naval Medical Research Center, The Johns Hopkins University, Tennessee
Stacey Hettes  Dr. G. Stanley  Fall 2003

Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Associate Professor of Biology, Wofford College

Chong Wook Pak  Dr. M. Curras-Collazo  Spring 2003  Attorney at Cislo & Thomas, Los Angeles, CA
Arshad Khan  Dr. G. Stanley  Winter 2002  Assistant Professor University of Texas at El Paso